09 March, 2009

Transport Ministry to vet patented speed governors

IP Kenya has spotted a rather curious notice by the Ministry of Transport, which states that the Ministry is in the process of vetting all speed governor fitters and is inviting the fitters to submit the following:

  1. Type and model of governor.

  2. Patent right/manufactures authorization letter to fit the speed governors.

  3. Kenya bureau of Standards certification.

  4. Sample of compliance certificate issued to customers.

IP Kenya wonders why the ministry requires the fitters to have patented gadgets. Though the notice does not say, what will happen to fitters who may have not bothered to patent or whose patent rights have expired?

A patent on how to bypass a speed governor here


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  2. This will not only help prevent matatu from bieng extorted money by conmen but will aslo help those in governer business to earn form their hand work well done transport.