21 January, 2009

BrandKenya: The task of Branding Kenya’s exports

A report in the nation indicates that, in a move to shape the image of the country, the Brand Kenya Board is hoping to convince Kenyan exporters to include the BrandKenya logo on all products originating from Kenya.

According to the CEO the Board will be holding stakeholder meetings for the next 6 months and all manufacturers are expected to come together to agree on the use of the logo.

However and in contrast to the trend in other countries where companies pay a fee to use such logos on their products, the Board will not charge any fee.

The Brand Kenya Board was formed in March 2008 to develop a national identity and image to market the country internationally as a tourism and conference destination, export leverage, Foreign Direct Investment, internal and external public diplomacy. To this end, the Board is developing a strategy to create a strong and positive image for Kenya as well as foster international confidence in the country.

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